TagPro League

Recent TagPro League News: Welcome to TagPro League, we hope you enjoy it! MLTP: [M] #1 Boostin Dynamo swept by RHCP this week in a huge upset. ELTP: Skrub Brugge wins the Majors League! OLTP: Season starts on July 9 NLTP: Week 3 coming up!

The TagPro League Project

Production Notes and Road Map


TagPro League is an application which provides a suite of tools for those interested in Competitive Tagpro.

TagPro League started as a spreadsheet that consolidated the competitive stats of all recorded seasons of TagPro. From there, it developed into a small API backend, which was then built out into the website that you're currently viewing. The main goal was and still is to provide users with a robust system encompassing their stats and teams in the most graphically appealing manner. As time has passed, more features and even bigger goals have been brought to light, leading to the current state of TagPro League.

The site now hosts the statistics of all 4 major competitive leagues, as well as their rosters, schedules, leaders, and histories. With the help of Tagpro Analytics, match statistics are given in even greater detail than CSVs could provide, resulting in an all-encompassing statistical analysis of competitive play. The future is bright for TagPro, and TagPro League's goal is to keep up with the future of the game and continue to provide more quality content and tools for the community.

Since many people have invested their time, efforts, and even money into the game and community, this page acts as a to-do list and road map for the site.

To-Do List

Stuff Being Worked on Now

  • Hold against fix
  • Stats and schedule mobile compatibility
  • Career rankings update on new stats submission
  • Player comparator fix
  • Links to VODs for played games
  • Commenting fix
    • Player Page
    • Articles
  • Playoff medals on player pages
  • All-Star medals on player pages
  • Stream coordinators for TPL

Road Map

Features of the Future

  • Donator Features
  • Live scores and stats
  • Player ratings
  • Featured articles, players, etc
  • Article links between players and leagues
  • Streamer profiles
  • Cash Prize Tournaments


MIT standard usage license

We have employed assets from all over the community, and have a standard DCMA policy if you wish to not have your logo or image used.