Recent NLTP News: General consensus: CRC struggling to replace WRIG as a leader. Better times ahead. [A]: In his first time back to NLTP since S5, team is leading the league in hold and 3rd in caps. [A]: Blockwork brigade winless through 3 weeks, needs something to change. [B]: LBT looking for another Buper, 8-1 through 3 weeks and looking near unstoppable. [B]: titanblue has the reverse progression in full swing, starting in MLTP and finding himself leading caps and hold in B-team.


Over the Pants Handoffs

Player Info

SOMEBODY once told me the maaaaap was gonna roll me that I ain't the sharpest ball in the shed.she was looking kind of dumb with her juke and a rolling bomb in the shape of a snipe,on her forehead.WELL, the pops start coming and they don't stop coming fed to to the rules,and I hit the game running Didn't make sense not to boat that cap your brain gets smart but your plays get dumb So much to do So much to see So what's wrong with taking the flag to the base street You'll never know if you don't boat You'll never shine if you don't show HEY NOW Your an all star get your game on go plaaaay HEY NOW Your a boater get your show on get plaaaayed And all that winning is goooold Only taaagprooos break the baawwwl

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World Beries XVIIOver the Pants Handoffs

Service Record

No Service Record


2ndNLTP S17Best Streamer
3rdnLTP S17Heart Award
2ndnLTP S17Most Improved
3rdnLTP S17Best Offense Pair

Career Stats

Season Minutes Captures Returns GASP O GASP D GASP T
nLTP S17 250 37 128 8.45 4.64 7.09
Over the Pants Handoffs +/- Hold Prevent NISH O NISH D NISH T
31 2291 592 82.7 40.9 41
Heart Award - 3rd
Most Improved - 2nd
Best Offense Pair - 3rd


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