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Recent TagPro League News: Welcome to TagPro League, we hope you enjoy it! MLTP: Congratulations to the Season 16 Superball Champions: TC Jukes!! ELTP: Congratulations to FC Capoli on winning the majors league! OLTP: Season NLTP: MLTP S17 starts this week!
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A Commissioner's Perspective: A Unique Insight into the OLTP Preseason

by Hoog

The elections for new commissioners had finally come to a close. I was named as a Rules Committee Commissioner, alongside Season 3-4 commissioner elfitzo and newcomer PT. TeeJay easily retained his spot as Director of Operations.

BallCostanza's Week 7 NLTP Power Rankings

by BallCostanza

It must be said that I don’t really have many picks for playoffs as of yet. Those playoffs between the Radius teams will be spicy though.

NLTP Week 7 Adirondack Preview

by perl

Ball Fondlers have settled into a bit of a rut of being admittedly less than good and are at the bottom of the Adirondack division because of it. With the only negative win to loss ratio of their group they are definitely feeling it.

ELTP S7 - What's happened so far?

by MikeC

As Week 4 of ELTP finishes and the season reaches its half way stage, it's a great time to look at some of the stand-out performers so far and see what is happening in Europe's premier league.

ALTP Captain Interviews

by Elegant

"I'd had laserpig PM me saying that he really wanted to be on my team, so I worked on the basis of getting him early. Along with him and steez scouting for me, we put together a solid draft plan."

Comp Server Set Up and FAQs

by JBB

Hey Tagpro! With ELTP starting its first week on the Comp Server, the NLTP CRC would like to share a guide outlying all the ins and outs of the competitive partition of Tagpro.

Eashy “didn’t win one rep” at first MLTP practice

by timeboy

If anyone wants to know just how much better MLTP players are than college MLTP players, ask Eashy.

NLTP Week 7 Blue Ridge Preview

by The Tyrant

There were only two games last week, and I went a mediocre 1-1 on predictions. I was correct that my team would pull the upset split with BDN, although we almost got the sweep.

unvrs, the Ultimate Defender?

by Ballkenende

unvrs in his first season of Majors definitely made an impression so far. He even outshined his defence partner, no less than TheBigMac. Although his efforts are yet to translate to dominant success for Rolling BC.