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Recent TagPro League News: Welcome to TagPro League, we hope you enjoy it! MLTP: S29 is under way! ELTP: ELTP is currently being updated, stay tuned! OLTP: Congratulations to both The Cap-22s and Capper's Delight for winning S17 of OLTP! NLTP: Built in VCR feature is LIVE!!!




Key Offenders

Key Defenders


    Founded in Season 3 - the Deviant Pub Sniper BC, after success with the Nevermores in season 2, captained the first of two seasons of C.R.E.A.M. While the first season did not prove to be Nuperball caliber, the tried and true traditions of showboating and hitting dank snipes were introduced. This season would however lay the groundwork for a season breaking season 5 team based upon the cohesion of it's B team.
    Gramps & Skinny, former B team offenders along with a returning Psychic & BC's playing captaincy brought a cohesion and level of skill the rest of the league was not prepared for and in Season 5 they easily coasted to a Nuperball, slow-capping all the way home.


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