Recent NLTP News: General consensus: CRC struggling to replace WRIG as a leader. Better times ahead. [A]: In his first time back to NLTP since S5, team is leading the league in hold and 3rd in caps. [A]: Blockwork brigade winless through 3 weeks, needs something to change. [B]: LBT looking for another Buper, 8-1 through 3 weeks and looking near unstoppable. [B]: titanblue has the reverse progression in full swing, starting in MLTP and finding himself leading caps and hold in B-team.

(League Rank)

1The Dark Side of the Ball
3TC Jukes (N)
4The Land Before Timers
5Big Poppa and the Dinos
6Ultralight Team
8Jack in the Blocks
9Over the Pants Handoffs
10The Manipulation Station
11Big Cap Rescue
12The Holdin Eagles
14The Mighty Ducks
15A Blockwork Orange (N)
16Trailer Park Balls

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