Recent NLTP News: Congrats to Nuper Ball XVIII Champion Dark Side of the Ball! Congrats to Buper Ball XVIII Champion Land Before Timers! NameLEss unanimously removed from CRC after derogatory OPH Discord language is leaked. Sir Cle Jerk apologizes for his participation in the OPH server. Genuine step forward. CRC Election ahead! For the first time since Carp was elected, the CRC will NOT choose a new member.

(League Rank)

1The Team About Nothing
2The Dark Side of the Ball
3The Manipulation Station
4Ball Guys (N)
5Catalytic Cap Converters
6Master Boaters
7A Blockwork Orange (N)
8Big Poppa Goes to Olive Jardim
9The Land Before Timers
10Poost Office
11Bohemian Cap City
12Spherical on Ice

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