Recent NLTP News: WRIG & A$AP Snubbed from HoF - Garg Plots His Revenge Sightings of Activ. Crying Outside of a Starbucks after his last NLTP Newsroom Edition. Have a Complaint to Bring to the CRC? Sir Cle Jerk is the Go-To Guy. Serendipitou & sass Become Low Budget Fantasy Superstars. Carrrrrl Asks to Switch to Defense After Getting Shut Down by GIZ B Team.

(League Rank)

1Ping Gizzard and The Lizard Wizards
2The Land Before Timers
3Primordial Clam Chowder
4Pinga Coladas
5The Pigeon Boys
6New Pingland Revolutions
7Over the Pants Handoffs
8WCYDinos (N)
9The Holdin Eagles
10Chapo Cap House

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