Recent mLTP News: [M] Playoff race is tightening - #3-7 seeds all within two games [M] Grant has finally replaced Djinni. SPI swept with new lineup. [M] Raven is the latest call up - 877CAPSNOW still trying to figure out their playoff lineup [m] DROS race is tight between 2nutz, Agency, and Alphachurro. Tune in for Agency vs. 2nutz in week 7 [m] Multiple teams looking to reschedule after the server outages on Monday

(League Rank)

1Young Hotties
2Bottle Otters
3Snow Angles
4Bubble Balls
5Roamin' Swipes
7Itsy Bitsy Spikers
8Mumble Cappers
9WCYDinos (m)
10Chennai Muper Pings
11Ball Guys (m)

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